To provide a valuable service to our customers, we have partnered with Fotilia to provide thousands of high quality stock images for your purchase and use in your design. You will find a tab under the images tab in the designer studio labled stock images. From that location you may search by keyword through an almost endless array of catagories. The cost of these images will be displayed in the properties box in the design studio. The cost of any Fotilia stock images will be applied at checkout. 

Note: The cost of any image is based on the size in which it will be utilized...i.e. If an image is used for a full sized background, that image will cost more than if used as a 2x3 in a layout. Also, once you purchase an image, it will be available in your account indefinately. You may also download the image to use in other applications.

Please remember, you are always welcome to upload your own images, or use any of the images listed under "All Images" for free.